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Crime.Justice & America - Arrested? What's Next?

"Better education means better justice. Better education means a higher standard for government to insure proper prosecution and incarceration. Better education means reduced recidivism, and in turn, less financial burden on society".

Category : Arrested? What's Next?

Arrested?  Selecting an Attorney

by Lawrence Wolf

Making decisions under pressure…. Most people only hire a criminal defense attorney when they need one, they’re in a hurry, and don’t really know what they should expect. When you’re being booked and charged is not the best time to learn how to select the professional charged with securing your freedom and protecting your future. If you have a privately retained lawyer you did not consider carefully enough, have an appointed attorney, or do not yet have an attorney, you may be able to…..

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"Arrested - Was There Probable Cause?"

by Keith Jordon

Can a police officer pull you over when you’re driving along minding your own business, or stop you when you’re walking down the street? Not without a reason to think you may have committed, or are in the process of committing, a crime. It’s called “reasonable suspicion.” It has to be more than a hunch that you’re up to no good, and they have to be able to……

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So, You’ve Been Arrested . . . First Things First….

By Scott Ciment

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you’ve recently been arrested. If it is your first (or second, or third) time being charged with a crime, take a breath and read on. You’re going to have to make some decisions, and you need to think carefully about how to handle this terrible situation. As an attorney, I recommend that you....

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So, You’ve Been Arrested. Now what???

By Scott Ciment

Whether this is your first time or your tenth time in a detention facility, it’s probably a good idea to go over some criminal procedure fundamentals. Each criminal prosecution is different, of course, and individual defense strategies need to be developed with your attorney. Decisions you will make in the next few days can have....

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You have the right to remain silent!

By Randy Moore

Attorney at Law - Santa Clara and Alameda County

I recommend that any citizen confronted by police exercise their constitutional right to remain silent and not incriminate themselves. Why? It was commonplace in Nazi Germany to hear “you will talk if you have nothing to hide.” The shocking truth is that.....

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Arrested? - Let your Lawyer do the talking!

by Rebecca Houseman

Maybe because everybody has heard at least one TV cop issue the famous Miranda warning, people who have been arrested—especially if it’s the first time—don’t seem to take it as seriously as they should. You DO have the right to remain silent, and you should. You have the right to an attorney, and you should get one. And absolutely anything and everything you say can, and probably will, be held against you. Here’s how it works…

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WHAT YOU SHOULD SAY, aka “The Dirty Dozen”


By Dale S. Gribow and Robert E. Levy

Attorneys at Law

Riverside County

Police work in a world where each situation that they view, has a perceived zone of danger or a suspicion of wrong doing that is not visible to the average citizen. Their perception and sensitivity to both danger and ethics is on a different plane than most of us. Consequently some things that we might say...

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Kirk Tarman discusses criminal case motions
Posted on June 16th, 2015 by Admin istrator

Motions are one of the most important aspects of a criminal case before getting to trial.  Kirk Tarman, criminal defense attorney in San Bernardino County CA, discusses suppression motions based upon the 4th Amendment, dismissal motions, discovery motions, and more... for a glimpse into the preparation of a criminal case. ….

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Andrew Dosa discusses restitution
Posted on June 16th, 2015 by Admin istrator

Andrew Dosa, a civil and criminal defense attorney located in Alameda County CA, when interviewed by Crime and Justice Online, explains everything you need to know about restitution in criminal cases.  What is restitution?  Is it to punish the guilty or help the victim? Is it always paid?  What happens if it is not paid?  Are all criminal charges associated with restitution?  Can you use restitution to bargain away a jail sentence?  Is it applied more in civil or criminal cases?  These questions and more are answered by our expert on restitution, Andrew Dosa….

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Wally Farrell, a criminal defense attorney in Riverside County, now deceased, discussed the Death Penalty in California with Ray Hrdlicka
Posted on June 16th, 2015 by Admin istrator

Here is an entertaining and informative interview with Wally Farrell, a premier criminal defense attorney in Riverside County, now deceased, who discussed the Death Penalty in California with Crime, Justice & America Talk Show Host Ray Hrdlicka.  Is it really a deterrent? Why represent defendants charged with this type of crime?  What is “special circumstances” in the crime?  Life without parole vs. the Death Penalty.  Why does this type of case last so long?  Is it a choice between Justice or a Political and Financial cost?  Does it demean life? Or does it demean the death of victims?

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