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Crime.Justice & America - Editorials

"Better education means better justice. Better education means a higher standard for government to insure proper prosecution and incarceration. Better education means reduced recidivism, and in turn, less financial burden on society".

Category : Editorials

Our Criminal Justice System…

Is it about Justice? Is it about the Money? Is it about Power? Or is it about all three?

By Ray Hrdlicka - Publisher

I have repeatedly said that every action undertaken by human beings, with very few exceptions, is all about the money. The acquisition of money, the expenditure of money, and the opportunity cost of money.  Yet when we talk about our criminal justice system, it is often spoke of as an exception to human influences, set apart by the rule of...

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Death and Justice - An Interview with Mark Furman

by Bill Bickel

In 2001, Oklahoma led the United States with 21 executions, 13 of which were prosecuted by Bob Macy, Oklahoma County’s district attorney (with the support of Joyce Gilchrist, director of the Oklahoma City Police Department crime lab, whose findings invariably supported whatever Macy needed). When Mark Fuhrman, former LAPD detective and now a writer and talkshow host, heard from an on-air guest that the state was “executing people; we don’t know if they’re innocent or guilty”, he was skeptical – but traveled to Okalahoma to see….

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DNA Gets Criminal - Part 1 of 3

Fifteen years ago the three initials were rarely spoken outside of a laboratory, or a classroom where students of science were pondering the potential of genetics and genetic engineering. Today, DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is frequently the star witness in courtrooms around the world — used by….

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DNA Goes To Court - Part 2 of 3

Harlan Levy was an assistant district attorney in New York when he first recognized the value of DNA’s duel identity — a potential witness for the defense and for the prosecution, in cases of violent crimes. In a book Levy wrote on the emerging DNA technology and its potential in investigating violent crimes, he said the power of DNA to identify a suspect — or to….

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DNA Goes To Court...Part 3 of 3

Attorney Barry Scheck became a national figure in 1995 when he joined the defense team for murder defendant O.J. Simpson as an expert in DNA, the genetic fingerprinting that has convicted – and cleared – thousands of suspects in the past 20 years. Scheck is known for his landmark litigation setting standards for forensic applications of DNA technology. Since 1988, his and Peter Neufeld’s work in this area have shaped the…..

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Felons in the WorkPlace

by Chris Finnie

In a June 2001 report by the U.S. Department of Labor called “From Hard Time to Full Time”, they cite figures from the Department of Justice on the number of people under criminal justice supervision. For 1999, 1.85 million were incarcerated in state and federal prisons and local jails, 3.8 million on probation, and 700,000 on parole. More than 500,000 offenders were released from state and federal prisons and returned to communities. The Christian Science Monitor quotes a figure from the Urban League saying, “…a record 630,00 inmates, an average of 1,600 a day, will walk out of U.S. prisons and back into….

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Domestic Abuse - It Doesn't Just Happen to Other Women

by Nikki Katz

Your friends and family think you live the perfect life. You share a home in an affluent neighborhood with your husband and three children. You drive a new minivan complete with the latest in-seat DVD system, you wear stylish clothing, and you get a pedicure every two weeks. You go on annual family vacations to fun and exotic places, and you often welcome neighbors to your house to enjoy catered parties. So when you announce to everyone that you….

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Executing Kids - A Look At The Juvenile Death Penalty

by Bill Bickel

First, let’s define our terms: The “juvenile death penalty” refers to death sentences imposed on defendants who commit capital murder before their 18th birthdays. In the weeks leading up to the execution of Toronto Patterson last summer, dozens of web sites appeared protesting against “The State of Texas killing a teenager,” illustrated with Patterson’s childhood photos. You had to do the math yourself to figure out that Toronto Patterson was 25 at the time….


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Cooking Up Salvation - a Rehabilitation Story - From Drug Dealer to Chef

Jeffrey Henderson was one of the youngest and wealthiest crack cocaine dealers in Southern California. “I poisoned a whole generation,” said 37-year-old Henderson, who now lives in Las Vegas. While still a teenager he drove fancy cars, had armloads of beautiful women, swam in oceans of money and took frequent trips to Las Vegas, where he gambled away hundreds of thousands of dollars and was placed on the high-roller list of such resorts as Caesars Palace.

From con to chef

Today, five years after getting out of prison, Henderson is an award-winning chef at Caesars, where he…..

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A Better Way To Help Missing Children - Improving the Amber Alert

by Bill Bickel

Around 6:30 pm on the evening of February 1, Florida 11-year-old Carlie Brucia disappeared. It wasn’t until the evening of the following day that an Amber Alert was issued. Carlie’s parents don’t criticize the delay; but they are frustrated that Law Enforcement didn’t do a thing until….

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Kirk Tarman discusses criminal case motions
Posted on June 16th, 2015 by Admin istrator

Motions are one of the most important aspects of a criminal case before getting to trial.  Kirk Tarman, criminal defense attorney in San Bernardino County CA, discusses suppression motions based upon the 4th Amendment, dismissal motions, discovery motions, and more... for a glimpse into the preparation of a criminal case. ….

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Andrew Dosa discusses restitution
Posted on June 16th, 2015 by Admin istrator

Andrew Dosa, a civil and criminal defense attorney located in Alameda County CA, when interviewed by Crime and Justice Online, explains everything you need to know about restitution in criminal cases.  What is restitution?  Is it to punish the guilty or help the victim? Is it always paid?  What happens if it is not paid?  Are all criminal charges associated with restitution?  Can you use restitution to bargain away a jail sentence?  Is it applied more in civil or criminal cases?  These questions and more are answered by our expert on restitution, Andrew Dosa….

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Wally Farrell, a criminal defense attorney in Riverside County, now deceased, discussed the Death Penalty in California with Ray Hrdlicka
Posted on June 16th, 2015 by Admin istrator

Here is an entertaining and informative interview with Wally Farrell, a premier criminal defense attorney in Riverside County, now deceased, who discussed the Death Penalty in California with Crime, Justice & America Talk Show Host Ray Hrdlicka.  Is it really a deterrent? Why represent defendants charged with this type of crime?  What is “special circumstances” in the crime?  Life without parole vs. the Death Penalty.  Why does this type of case last so long?  Is it a choice between Justice or a Political and Financial cost?  Does it demean life? Or does it demean the death of victims?

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