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Crime.Justice & America - Immigration - "Goodbye I.N.S.---- Hello More Alphabet Soup" by John Alcorn

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 "Goodbye I.N.S.---- Hello More Alphabet Soup" by John Alcorn

Goodbye I.N.S.---- Hello More Alphabet Soup

By John Alcorn

While reading this article it is suggested that you eat a warm bowl of alphabet soup and, at the same time, prepare yourself for some shocking news about a death: the Immigration and Naturalization Service (otherwise known as the I.N.S.) – not that “service” ever had anything to do about it – died on March 1, 2003. Actually, it was killed, by an act of Congress. Supposedly this does not mean that persons from other countries who desire to lawfully come to the United States will forever be barred, but it does change many things.

As a federal agency that had been within the U.S. Department of Justice (D.O.J.), the I.N.S. had failed miserably for decades at both of its two, contradictory missions: awarding “immigrations benefits” (such as permanent residence, work permits, asylum and citizenship) to persons from other countries, and “law enforcement” (meaning: arresting, imprisoning, and ultimately, deporting persons from other countries).

 What was the I.N.S. has now been sliced up into three different separate “bureaus” (finally, an appropriate term for all of the “bureaucrats” on the dole of the federal government), all three of which have been transferred out of the Department of Justice and into the new Department of Homeland Security (D.H.S.)

The so-called “Immigration benefits” function is now the responsibility of the new Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (B.C.I.S.) The other two new bureaus share the responsibility for ‘law enforcement.” The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (B.I.C.E.) will scour the insides of our country on the lookout for “undocumented aliens,” “overstays,” “ and “visa violators” to arrest, imprison, and ultimately, deport. The Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (B.C.B.P.), which combines the U.S. Customs Service, former I.N.S. Immigration Inspectors at land, sea, and air “ports of entry,” and the former I.N.S. Border Patrol, will supposedly keep terrorists, and any other “undesirable aliens,” from entering our country.

The Immigration Courts (headed by the Office of the Chief Immigration Judge- O.C.I.J.), and above them, the Board of Immigration Appeals (B.I.A.) were not part of the Immigration and Naturalizatioin Service – they were in a separate agency called the Executive Office for Immigration Review (E.I.O.R), which was, and remains, part of the Department of Justice. In that D.O.J., headed by the Attorney General (the A.G.), currently John Ashcroft (appointed by President Bush), he (the A.G.) can overrule any decision of the B.I.A. that he wants. Keeping E.I.O.R. in the D.O.J. means that this authority stays with the A.G. So, even if someone with a deserving case wins in Immigration Court, and even if that decision is upheld by the B.I.A, the A.G. can still order the person deported.

The U.S. consulates and embassies in foreign countries around the world were not part of either the I.N.S. or the D.O.J. They were, and remain, part of the Department of State (D.O.S.), under the so-called Visa Office (V.O.) They grant or deny non-immigrant visas and immigrant visas to applicants from other countries who desire to lawfully come to the U.S.

Supposedly the B.C.I.S., B.I.C.E., B.C.B.P, D.H.S., D.O.J., A.G., O.C.I.J., B.I.A., D.O.S., and V.O. will all work together in a seemless web of harmony, cooperation, and information-sharing to insure that the ‘right’ people get to come in, or stay in, the U.S., while the “wrong” people are deported or never allowed to enter to begin with. We will see. Good Luck (G.L.)

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