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Crime.Justice & America - Letters from the Publisher

"Better education means better justice. Better education means a higher standard for government to insure proper prosecution and incarceration. Better education means reduced recidivism, and in turn, less financial burden on society".

Category : Letters from the Publisher


The holidays are over, January is pretty much a memory, the winter storms across the country have brought challenges to many, and two major current events do, and will continue to, affect our world and our county. Many different perspectives come from both of these events: the War on Terrorism in Iraq and the tsunami disaster in Asia. Depending upon your perspective, significantly different lessons can be drawn from the past regarding these events. Yet it is in the humble opinion of this publisher, that one lesson, our support, should be consistent throughout all perspectives, namely, the unconditional support for OUR troops in harm’s way, and the support to....

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A few weeks ago, I was standing in line at the local Post Office, and witnessed an example of our changing perspective of heroes. A mother and her 12-year old daughter were in front of me in line, and the daughter kept whispering to her mom. After a few minutes, I heard the mother say “go ahead.” The little girl walked up to the counter where a 50+ year old member of our military was buying some stamps. Dressed in brown military fatigues, with short gray hair, it was obvious by his military posture that he had served in our country’s military for a long time. The little girl tugged on his sleeve, he turned to her, bent down to hear her speak, and after a few moments a big smile slowly spread over his face. She smiled back and returned to her mother. When I reached the counter, the mother and her daughter were still at the counter next to me. I asked the little girl what she said to the soldier. In her answer, lies a return to our past......

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Letter from the Publisher

Beginning with this issue, Crime, Justice & America is privileged to introduce our new Managing Editor, Bill Bickel. Bill is a crime journalist, and has appeared on, and been interviewed by major Television Networks and Radio Stations across the country. Bill is a seasoned author with a life-long interest in the criminal justice system. As a mystery writer, Bill has had a longtime....

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Last month, I wrote about a heartwarming experience regarding our nation’s changing attitudes of who is, and who isn’t a true hero. The risks and perils that we face as a nation in one of our most trying times in history, and the difficult evolution of our own judicial system over the last 250+ years into the most advanced in human history, has brought us to respect and honor those who chose to serve.

Unfortunately, in a recent conversation with one of the law enforcement professionals at the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department, we learned about another example of the ultimate price these everyday heroes could pay. In the performance of his duty, in his role as protector and defender of our freedoms, and in the obligation and responsibilities to enforce the laws of our state....

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Letter from the Publisher

I would like to depart from the parameters of a traditional Publisher’s letter to talk about one of the groups of people that comprise our criminal justice system. I was prompted to write on these thoughts when I learned of an Orange County Deputy Sheriff that was critically injured on duty and tragically passed away a few days later.

Since 9/11, the spotlight has been shining on our nation’s local government agencies that protect our citizens and our property Firefighters have been at the forefront of that light. On that tragic day, so many gave the ultimate sacrifice to do their job and save lives. A common theme among firefighters in the hundreds of interviews since that fateful day is the firm belief that they were, and are, just doing their job, and they do not see themselves as heroes. I think those statements are a lesson to all Americans, and hell, even the rest of the world.

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Kirk Tarman discusses criminal case motions
Posted on June 16th, 2015 by Admin istrator

Motions are one of the most important aspects of a criminal case before getting to trial.  Kirk Tarman, criminal defense attorney in San Bernardino County CA, discusses suppression motions based upon the 4th Amendment, dismissal motions, discovery motions, and more... for a glimpse into the preparation of a criminal case. ….

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Andrew Dosa discusses restitution
Posted on June 16th, 2015 by Admin istrator

Andrew Dosa, a civil and criminal defense attorney located in Alameda County CA, when interviewed by Crime and Justice Online, explains everything you need to know about restitution in criminal cases.  What is restitution?  Is it to punish the guilty or help the victim? Is it always paid?  What happens if it is not paid?  Are all criminal charges associated with restitution?  Can you use restitution to bargain away a jail sentence?  Is it applied more in civil or criminal cases?  These questions and more are answered by our expert on restitution, Andrew Dosa….

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Wally Farrell, a criminal defense attorney in Riverside County, now deceased, discussed the Death Penalty in California with Ray Hrdlicka
Posted on June 16th, 2015 by Admin istrator

Here is an entertaining and informative interview with Wally Farrell, a premier criminal defense attorney in Riverside County, now deceased, who discussed the Death Penalty in California with Crime, Justice & America Talk Show Host Ray Hrdlicka.  Is it really a deterrent? Why represent defendants charged with this type of crime?  What is “special circumstances” in the crime?  Life without parole vs. the Death Penalty.  Why does this type of case last so long?  Is it a choice between Justice or a Political and Financial cost?  Does it demean life? Or does it demean the death of victims?

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