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Crime.Justice & America - Letters from the Publisher - America in 2005

"Better education means better justice. Better education means a higher standard for government to insure proper prosecution and incarceration. Better education means reduced recidivism, and in turn, less financial burden on society".

 America in 2005


            The holidays are over, January is pretty much a memory, the winter storms across the country have brought challenges to many, and two major current events do, and will continue to, affect our world and our county. Many different perspectives come from both of these events: the War on Terrorism in Iraq and the tsunami disaster in Asia. Depending upon your perspective, significantly different lessons can be drawn from the past regarding these events. Yet it is in the humble opinion of this publisher, that one lesson, our support, should be consistent throughout all perspectives, namely, the unconditional support for OUR troops in harm’s way, and the support to prevent the further loss of human life in the affected tsunami regions.

            In the ongoing creation of the national edition of Crime, Justice & America, we describe the magazine in part as a look at America’s role in the world. Quite simply, when viewed within the context of these two major events, desired or not, we normally lead the world towards all major policy changes: political, social, and economic. Because of our systems, i.e., a capitalistic economy, a republic government, and freedom of press, speech and religion, by default we will lead the world into the future. If that role is thrust upon us, we must inure ourselves to those who criticize every step, both internal and from abroad.

            In the scope of the War on Terror, there must be no half-measures. We are committed because of our past actions, and no outcome should be acceptable other than a future where America’s people and systems are not threatened by zealots who choose to annihilate anyone in dissent of their views and beliefs. If in fact our mere existence is the stimulus for the hatred aimed at our country, the process for any global change will be long and hard, the brunt of which will be borne by our front line defense: our military, home and abroad, and our first-responders, law enforcement, firefighters, federal agencies, etc. It galls me to no end when I hear the, at times, routine criticism of our military, either in the press, or political parties, or Hollywood elite. It is our constitutional right (forged by the blood of our forbearers) to disagree with current policy but once our resources are committed to those policies, the front-line warriors who risk their lives deserve our UNCONDITIONAL support. If you so want, change the policy, but dare not diminish the valor, courage, honor, intelligence, and willingness to die from those valiant soldiers who serve when called upon.

              At no time in recent history, has a natural disaster taken as many lives as the tsunami in Asia. Of the nearly quarter million lives lost, so many were children who held the promise of the natural hopes and dreams of their families. Daily we hear stories of the living hell from the survivors, horror stories of death and destruction, and devastation beyond normal comprehension, almost as if we were reading a fiction novel. At the same time, we also hear stories of miraculous survival, herculean efforts of rescues, and the response of immediate aid and assistance arriving from the world.   Yet, policy differences in some affected countries prevent aid from reaching outlying affected areas even today. Once again, America’s role leads the efforts, not just by our governments financial and other resource commitments, but more importantly, by our people. The media publicizes other countries criticism of our Federal Governments financial commitment, yet generally ignores the massive American private sector financial assistance of tens and tens of millions of dollars, led by faith-based organizations, let alone the private citizens, Americans, who will go to the affected areas to help rebuild the lives of the survivors, and spend months and even years in that effort. As a people, as a fundamentally charitable society, as Americans, we take the lead to stop the loss of life in the aftermath of the tsunami. God Bless those affected by this tragedy, and also those working to set their world right again.

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