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Crime.Justice & America - Letters from the Publisher - Law Enforcement doing their Job,,,,,Daily, as Unsung Heroes.

"Better education means better justice. Better education means a higher standard for government to insure proper prosecution and incarceration. Better education means reduced recidivism, and in turn, less financial burden on society".

 Law Enforcement doing their Job,,,,,Daily, as Unsung Heroes.

Letter from the Publisher

I would like to depart from the parameters of a traditional Publisher’s letter to talk about one of the groups of people that comprise our criminal justice system. I was prompted to write on these thoughts when I learned of an Orange County Deputy Sheriff that was critically injured on duty and tragically passed away a few days later.

Since 9/11, the spotlight has been shining on our nation’s local government agencies that protect our citizens and our property Firefighters have been at the forefront of that light. On that tragic day, so many gave the ultimate sacrifice to do their job and save lives. A common theme among firefighters in the hundreds of interviews since that fateful day is the firm belief that they were, and are, just doing their job, and they do not see themselves as heroes. I think those statements are a lesson to all Americans, and hell, even the rest of the world.

Even though law enforcement did not suffer the extent of loss experienced by firefighters, I believe the same statements have been made over the past year. It is not about the horrible 9/11 events that I want to comment. It is about the daily risks law enforcement officers in our nation routinely encounter and accept. These risks exists as part of their daily job responsibilities and, even after 9/11, I am convinced the general public does not understand the grave potential for irreparable harm that can come simply from doing your job.

A couple of months ago, I read about a Border Patrol Officer who was killed by illegal aliens trying to cross into the U.S. Just doing his job. I am also sure there were many more examples of law enforcement “just doing their job” and giving the ultimate sacrifice in the past 12 months that I do not know about. These people chose that job, or as some would say, the job chose them, despite the risks.

In the course of our daily lives, I think it is still commonplace to overlook the risks associated with the duties of these men and women who serve and protect this country from enemies abroad, and criminal activities within. Are these people, as a group, always right in their actions? Of course not. But that is part of the advancement of our country and its laws.

Here’s the key issue though. Despite the hint of distrust from the public, despite the frequent offerings of law-enforcement misdeeds by the media, and despite routine blame from politicians, these people still get out of bed and go to work. Just to do their job.

The mainstream media has gone to great lengths to portray the heroism of 9/11. I suggest we hold our public servants in that spotlight every day, and say we understand, or will try to understand, the risks that you take to keep the peace, to protect and serve, and to keep us safe. Our condolences go to the family and friends of the Orange County Deputy Sheriff. Our gratitude goes to all of you for keeping us safe. Our admiration is unending for those of you who are willing to take those daily risks in this life.

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