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Crime.Justice & America - Want to Bail Out of Jail? - 5 Things you MUST Know To Get Bail

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 5 Things you MUST Know To Get Bail

5 things you must know to get bail

First of all, let me tell you, you will hear a bunch of advice from your fellow arrestees, from your family, from your friends, and maybe even the deputies. Some of it won’t make sense, may not pertain to you, or will be conflicting information. Here’s where you have to learn the system. Some of those people have been around the block. Listen, and decide what information is applicable to you.

HOWEVER, there are some really important things you must get your head around before you will get yourself out of jail. Listen up.

1) It will cost you money….. now or later, or both

            It’s not monopoly. No get out of jail free card. Here’s the fact. Bondsman are in business to earn a living, so understand that you WILL have to pay to get out of jail. The fee is usually 10%, with the exception of having retained an attorney, or in a union. Will you need all the money first? Hell no. There is so much competition out there that nearly everybody will take payments. Decide what you can afford in payments, keep it short term, and you probably will walk out of there…..keep calling bondsman.

2) Unless your name is known like Snoop Dogg, you will need someone to sign for you

            Let’s face it, people will not believe you these days. So, go get someone, a family member, a friend, your boss, anyone that can sign for you. What does that mean, sign for you? It’s simple. That person is financially responsible for you to show up at court. Think of EVERYONE you know. Have the bondsman talk to these people to help you get out. They’re the expert at bail, not you, not your people. If your people decide not to help you, you may sit there. So help yourself by having the expert talk to your people.

3) Money talks….Bullshit walks

            Just like it sounds, the more of the fee you have, the easier it will be to get out. Don’t waste your time, or the bondsman’s time by saying you only have $500 on a $100,000 bond. Get real. Work with your people to get enough money together so that a bondsman will take a chance on you. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN WITHOUT SOME MONEY. Got all the premium or fee? Pack your stuff because once someone signs for you, you’re outta there.

4) Unless you’re planning to flee the country, give the bondsman true information now, and make your payments in the future.

            Here’s a little known fact. When you walk out of jail, after using a bondsman, you think your free? Not! In fact, you are still in the custody of the bondsman, and he or she can and probably will put you back inside if you lied to them, or do not make the payments. Basically, those actions tell the bondsman that you are somebody not to be trusted. If you can’t make the payments, call them and more than likely, they will work things out with you. Don’t call them, and you may be back in handcuffs when you’d rather be at the beach.

5) Not all bondsman are created equal.

            There are nearly 1900 licensed bondsman in California. What does that mean to you? Someone will get you out, especially if you keep working with them to get money and a co-signer. Some will take more of a risk than others. Some will take less money as a downpayment. Some will visit you, some will make house calls. The key issue here is simply “don’t give up.” Follow these five golden rules and you will be home, kicking back, rather than getting locked down.

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